How To Maximize Online Casino Bonuses?

How To Maximize Online Casino Bonuses?

Unfortunately, online casinos are designed to make the house win, but there are some things you can do as a player to minimize your losses and maximize your wins.

First, never play on an empty stomach – I mean this is very important. Your brain will not work properly if you don’t eat enough or if your blood sugar level falls too low; so always bring snacks along when sitting down at the machine for any length of time and be sure to drink plenty of water (not alcohol). Hunger and dehydration will sap your mental faculties and lower concentration levels, which will drastically affect your chances of figuring out what course of action is most profitable. So before betting anything on the machine, make sure that you’ve eaten something healthy within the past two or three hours and that you’re properly hydrated (i.e. have drunk a couple of glasses of water).

Secondly, always have enough money in your account to cover the maximum possible loss at all times – I can’t stress this enough. Think about it: what would happen if you lose the last cent from your wallet while playing a machine? You’d either have to quit doing what you’ve been doing or else go home empty-handed. Either way, that’s not good for business [or just being sensible]. Any seasoned player knows that whenever you’re considering putting more money into any given machine, you need to add up all the coins already in it and then add another fifty percent because chances are high that at least half of them will be lost. If you can’t cover all of that, then don’t put anything else in! And never stick around on the machine when your account balance is down to its last few cents because by doing so you run the risk of triggering a bonus round or jackpot while totally broke!

The same rule applies when playing table games at real-life casinos – just replace “coins” with “bills”. For example, if you’re about to sit down at a Blackjack table with $100 bills in your wallet and intend to spend $20 per hand, make sure that there are at least 80% ($80) in plain view for everyone else to see; otherwise take out some cash until this percentage is reached. This will help you to avoid unnecessary hassles with the pit boss because obviously, if you’re holding $200 and lose $20 in one hand, chances are high that your next one will be for at least another $100.

Thirdly and last but not least: always enter a casino with a plan or, even better yet, an optimal strategy for every table game and slot machine out there! If you show up without this information then chances are good that you’ll end up wandering around aimlessly from one machine to another – which is never a profitable strategy.


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